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When the quartz watch revolution took place in three decades ago, Zantech was at the forefront developing products and repair techniques that were vital to the services community and the watch industry in general.

The quartz watch changed the face and heart of watch products dramatically in a very brief period of time. Now, the skills needed to repair watches have changed, and include some understanding of electronics, or micro-electronics and the equipment and tools to properly conduct repairs. While Zantech does not exclude the valuable tools and resources of the mechanical watchmaker, the primary focus has been, and remains, that of the electronic watch technicians. Either way, we hope to draw this group into focus and assist them in their pursit of quality repair products and services for this vital segment of watch sales and service.

We hope can help you and your shop become more efficient and effective. If there is something you need that you do not see in our online shop, plese let us know. We want to be your source for electronic watch repair solutions.

Thank you,
Marc C. Young

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